Society of Environmental Journalists Conference 2012

I entered the Overton Hotel ballroom in Lubbock, Texas, drunk off no sleep.  Shoved my luggage under a table during the opening plenary of the SEJ conference, grabbed a plate of grub, and came back to … find I’d squatted at National Geographic magazine environmental editor Dennis Dimick‘s table.  This pattern of sleep-deprived introductions defined my weekend.

One of the speed-walking-inspiring landmarks en route from the Super 8 to the Overton: LuXor Night Club, the aesthetically unlucky step-brother of the Luxor Vegas.

The Overton Hotel was gorgeous. Buses left for day trips to caverns, cattle ranches, tornado simulators, GIS labs, wind farms, and all else environmental right from the lot.  Staff glowed.  Apples changed daily in lobby bowls from green to red to yellow so you didn’t doubt their freshness (though no word on whether Day 1′s red apples were the same as Day 2′s or not). My hotel, however, was a Super 8 a mile away into the less polished part of Lubbock.  Heh.

Alan: Doorman, Samaritan, Possible Overlooked Dalai Lama Reincarnation.

Luckily Alan, the Overton doorman, pitied my four roommates and me, piled us into an Overton shuttle our first night, and drove us to our sleepaway.

A trip highlight:

Wind Damage Simulator at Texas Tech: